DuroMax Generator Reviews: Top 4 Generators For 2020

If you want to check DuroMax generator reviews, then you have come to the right place. As the world is facing a lot of problems regarding the shortage of power, generators have become a major need. Many customers are asking for generators and companies are supplies different kinds of generators according to their needs. DuroPower is a well-known company for producing generators and other electric stuff. DuroMax Generators are their top-rated and best-selling product. A California based company; DuroPower makes their own engines itself, unlike other companies. They export their products all around the world. This brand is recognized as best in performance and functionality due to its amazing features. Every 4 out of 5 reviews tell us that it is long lasting and reliable. From the technical point of view, their generators never fail. Failure mostly occurs due to carelessness by the user or improper maintenance.Get Best Portable Generator

Duromax Generator Reviews

Below is the list of generators which are included in the list of DuroMax generators reviews.It is just a quick look

GeneratorsCheck PriceRunning Watts
DuroMax XP4400E
Check Price4400 Watts
Duromax XP4850EH
Check Price3850 Watts
Duromax XP4000S
Check Price4000 Watts
DuroMax XP12000EH
Check Price12000 Watts

1. DuroMax XP4400E Generator

DuroMax XP4400E

It is one of the most popular DuroMax generators in the market. Portable and easy to carry, this generator is best according to its price. With starting watts 44000, it provides 35000 running watts. It is enough to power lights, fridge, and sump pump when a blackout occurs. DuroMax XP44000 is best for this much of portable power.

You must be thinking why DuroMax XP44000 is getting so much fame in the market. By going through , we can see the reason is spectacular features and power capacity of the product. It has a large fuel tank that can accommodate four gallons of fuel in it and is capable of giving power for eight hours at half load. Duromax xp444000 provides consistent power for whole day giving you a relief that you won’t have to refill it again and again. If you’re a tradesman and want downtime to be minimized on the job site, this generator is all you need. For homeowners, duromax is the peace of mind they need during a blackout.

One thing about the generators that everyone hates is the loud sound they produce. At a shop, it’s still bearable but at home, it’s quite difficult to bear the loud noise they produce. The sound level of this generator is about 69dBA.

It’s so difficult to start a generator when it’s freezing cold outside. With the recoil start back-up and electric start feature, you can always start your generator despite the cold weather. It’s as easy as starting your car. The recoil is worry-free and works well so you will be able to start the generator even if something bad happens to your electric start.

Your generator will never immediately fail due to low oil. There is an automatic shut off on low oil feature that shuts down the generator when the oil is low so that it may not get damaged due to sudden failure.

Different devices in your house or shop need different voltages. It’s difficult to achieve the level of voltage with any simple generator. But in DuroMax XP44000 there is an RV switch by which you can toggle or switch between 120V and 240V or you can run both voltages simultaneously. You can hook up your normal appliances to 120V and 240V appliances to the other outlet. It can easily be adjusted according to your needs.

  • Easy to move due to the handles and wheels
  • Runs 8 hours continuously on 4 gallons at half load
  • Shows output through a voltmeter at all times
  • A spark arrestor is attached for safety
  • Shuts off engine on low oil
  • Often received with issues like dents
  • Needs continuous maintenance of charge in the battery of starter
  • Difficult installation instructions
  • Insufficient tools provided
If you are looking for a handy generator with a price that you can afford, DuraMax XP44000 is the best. The installation instructions are difficult but you can hire a worker to install it. As it provides a constant power supply for hours without any discontinuation and failure, every hardship you do in buying and installing will be worth it.

2. Duromax XP4850EH

DuroMax XP4850EH is a dual fuel electric start portable generator that can either run on propane or liquid gas. In this way, you get two sources to fuel and run your generator.

Duromax XP4850EH

People are mostly worried that whether the generator they are going to buy will run biggest home appliances or not. This generator provides a continuous power of 3850 watts while it can go up to 4850watts. This is an amount of power that is enough to run some of the biggest home appliances during a blackout but not all at once. You can run furnace blowers, air conditioners, fridges and microwave oven etc. If propane is used instead of liquid gasoline, you can expect a 10% reduction in its output capability. There is a 7HP 210cc 4stroke air cooled engine is used in this generator.

With this generator, you have an option to choose between gas and propane. Both have their own advantages. Gas is inexpensive and easily available. Propane burns cleanly and its shelf-life is indefinite which makes it a perfect fuel for odd power outrage.

It runs for 20 hours continuously when fueled with propane and approximately 8 hours with a 4-gallon fuel tank at half load. This is a good runtime relative to the fuel added.

Nobody likes cranking generators. It’s frustrating and takes a lot of time and effort. Duromax XP46850EH comes with a key-start typically known as an electric start for firing effortlessly.

If you don’t like typical generators because they make noise then this generator is what you need. It produces 69dB measured from a distance of 7 meters. reviews prove that people like it because of its capability of making noise that is roughly equal to a normal human conversation. The noise produces depends upon load also. When the engine works hard to meet demand, it creates a loud noise and vice versa.

This generator is relatively very small as compared to the power it produces. It weighs approximately 140 pounds in dry condition. The wheel kit and tabular metal frame make rolling the generator very easy. Without wheel kit, it’s 17 inches high, 17 inches wide and 23.2 inches long. DuroMax generator is affordable relative to its features.

  • Both manual and electric startup
  • Voltmeter showing full power panel
  • Approved by CARB and EPA
  • Compact in size
  • Extremely convenient capacity of dual fuel
  • Slightly high in price for dual fuel features
  • Filling of engine oil is difficult
  • Produces loud noise under heavy weight
It provides a convenience of keeping cans of propane on hand so your generator will never shut down in an emergency. The burning nature of propane is very clean that makes it environment-friendly. DuroMax XP4850EH is a powerful tool that occupies little space and is easy to move around.

3. Duromax XP4000S

This generator is designed for professionals by the professionals. A fully loaded power panel is featured in the main control center of the generator. It has an air-cooled engine that provides 7 horsepower to run the engine for a long time. This 7 HP powerful engine can accept loads of high wattage with ease.

Duromax XP4000S

Safety of the engine is what all buyers are especially concerned about. DuroPower wants the best for their customers so that they can be satisfied. DuroMax XP4000S is equipped with AC and DC regulators, low oil protection and a spark arrestor. AC and DC regulators make sure that the engine won’t burn out due to load. If some kind of short circuit or any other thing happens to your generator, spark arrestor will instantly detect it and will shut down the generator. Most generators run until oil finishes. This may cause damage to the engine. DuroMax XP4000S shuts off the engine safely when the oil is low. This allows you to check the fuel tank and refill it so that it may not cause failure to the engine.

You can easily start the generator by using E-Z1-Pull Recoil Cord. A quiet muffler is inserted into the generator. It reduces the noise of the engine or makes it bearable.

Customers don’t like to buy products that are not tested and approved. CARB and EPA have checked, tested and approved this generator. It is safe to be used anywhere you need it. The applications of DuroMax XP4000S include home backup, job sites and outdoors or recreation. It has endless uses.

After buying this generator, you won’t have to worry about the run-time. It runs smoothly for eight hours at 50 percent maximum load. This generator doesn’t have wheel-kit to carry it anywhere you want through wheels. But it’s easy to hold it with the frame and carry it.

The technicians are very friendly. They are available 24/7 to answer the queries of the customers. This is one of the top features found in every DuroMax generator reviews. Unlike other brands’ technicians, they respond and try their best to solve the issues raised by any buyer.

To last long even on the roughest job site, the construction of the generator must be tough. DuroMax XP4000S has a body that can survive in many hard areas.

  • Endless uses – job sites, outdoor and home
  • Power panel with outlets and oil warning light
  • E-Z-1- Pull Recoil Cord for starting the generator
  • Solid body
  • For RV’s and applications, it doubles the 120V power
  • No wheel-kit included
  • Only one year warranty on parts
  • Oil drainage
It is an affordable yet powerful generator. Delivering 3300 watts constantly and 4000 watts at peak, DuroMax XP4000S is a good option to buy. It is user-friendly and easy to operate.

4. DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator

Those who are looking for a generator with versatile features and a huge power capability should look no more. DuroMax XP12000EH is versatile and it has a huge power capability of 12000 watts maximum.

DuroMax XP12000EH

It can be powered either by gas or propane. This feature allows this generator to be versatile enough to attract a lot of customers. Having the freedom to use propane instead of gas gives you a great privilege over typical generator that works only on gas. If gas is not available you can use propane and power your generator which is not possible in every generator except dual fuel. Propane is easily found in a household. It is safer to transfer propane instead of gas because it remains safe inside steel tank and doesn’t spill. Storing a lot of gasoline inside a container creates a risk of combustion whereas propane is safer to store. On the other hand, gasoline is available everywhere and its stations remain open 24/7. So having this freedom to choose between gas and propane is very useful and handy.

It is a very powerful engine providing 9500 watts constantly and 12000 watts at peak. This power is enough to run all the appliances in your house during a blackout. This huge power is delivered by 18HP DuroMax Over Head Valve (OHV) engine.

DuroMax XP12000EH isn’t just powerful. It has a solid body that stays for long. It can last in any place whether it is a tough job site or a small shop. A fully isolated four-point motor made with a heavy metal frame is secured in its position.

Although it works on an engine providing 12000 watts maximum power, it still doesn’t make much noise. It provides quiet and smooth operation.

Customers mostly complain that generators take a lot of fuel but don’t run for a long time. DuroMax XP12000EH doesn’t have this flaw. It is said to be a fuel efficient generator. A small amount of fuel is enough for a long period of time. An 8-gallon single full fuel tank is enough to run appliances for a continuous time period of ten hours with 50 percent load capacity. However, if propane is used in a BBQ tank size, this generator works for 20 hours straight.

With all these features you must be thinking that it might be too large to carry. But actually, it’s not. It has a wheel-kit to take it anywhere you want. DuroMax XP12000EH has a portable design. For easy maneuver, a foldable handle is also attached.

The super easy electric start makes it one of the best generators deigned. Just like you start your car, you can start it simply with a key.

  • The design of panel is really simple
  • Circuit breaker to shut-off generator in case of overload
  • Prevents overheating by low-oil warning
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Freedom of choosing between gas and propane
  • It is expensive
  • Propane evaporates below 40 degrees
  • Leakage of oil tank after some days of constant usage
  • Non-consistent energy power of battery and constant fluctuations
It can run an entire house or a small shop that allows you to continue your activities even during a power shut-off. Fuel efficiency and the choice between fuel sources are the features that make it distinguishable from other generators.

Guidance and instructions for buying any generator is a must. No DuroMax generator reviews can be completed without it. We claim that our review was surely helpful for buyers to make their final purchase.

DuroMax generators have earned their name due to their distinctive features and capabilities. Quality is something that a customer never compromises on. They want the best product that is long-lasting and affordable. Affordability is one of the prominent traits that this companies offer to its customers. DuroMax generators come in different price range. All prices are set according to the quality of the product offered. Customers can easily afford whichever generator they require. The construction of the generators’ body is highly good. High-quality materials are used in the formation of the product’s structure. If the body of a generator is not proper formed, it won’t survive for long. DuroPower constructs their generators in a way that makes them long-lasting and durable. Customers are always concerned about the warranty of the product. They want to be ensured that the product they are buying is secure and will work fine in the future too. Before launching into the market, their products are first tested so there are no or few chances of damage. Still, DuroPower provides a warranty of minimum 2 years. The company believes in no compromise on quality, so DuroPower manufactures the products itself. The products released in the market must be safe to invest in, so EPA ensures this thing. All DuroMax generators are EPA certified models. So, customers can fully trust the generators as they have been approved by experts.

It is somewhat difficult to choose which generator to buy. For this, it is necessary to have a list of factors ready to cross-check when you invest in any generator. The first thing to keep in mind is that the generator must have a warranty. Don’t buy from a company which provides no warranty. Generators come in various price ranges. Remember that generators, whether they are electric or gas powered, are never cheap. It is better to invest in pricey but high-quality product rather than cheap but a bad quality product. Compare the features of a generator with its price. Choose the one which has best features and is affordable. Check the size and weight of the generator. If you want the convenience of transport and portability, go for the generator which is lightweight and smaller in size. You can find through different DuroMax generators reviews that they have all these factors. Information about some of the best DuroMax generators is given below.