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Champion Power Equipment is one of the best players in the power generation industry. The company has different product lines under which different products with different specification are being sold. The product line of the company ranges from home standby to inverter generators to accessories and engines. The products that Champion is manufacturing are in the United States only with the major market being the North American market for the company. Established in 2003, the company has expanded itself from California to other markets like Toronto, Jackson, and Milwaukee.

Another notable thing about Champion Power Equipment is the customer service that it offers along with all its products. The company provides lifetime technical support for its products including the inverter generators. Champion has already made significant inroads by providing dual fuel technology whilst also introducing remote start for inverter generators from more than 80 feet away. Another technology that Champion has is the Bluetooth Generator app from where you can monitor the performance of you standby inverter generator. The Digital Hybrid Portable generators of the company are quieter and lighter than the traditional inverter generators that are available in the market. We will now walk you over some of the famous standby inverters of Champion Power that also have dual fuel features.Get Best Portable Generator

Champion Generator Reviews

Below is the list for Champion Generator Reviews you can have a look on it.

NameWattsOur RatingsCheck Price
Champion 75537i3100 Watts4.5 Check Price
Champion 3400 Watts3400 Watts4.5 Check Price
Champion 7500 Watts7500 Watts4.5 Check Price
Champion 3800 Watts3800 Watts4.0 Check Price

1. Champion 75537i 3100 Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Wireless Remote Start

Champion has some of the best power generation products in its portfolio and one such Champion generator reviews that we will be doing is the 75537i 3100 Watt RV ready portable inverter generator. The inverter provides clean power to the electronics itemChampion Generator Reviews that is much needed as a standby option. The 75537i generator comes with a wireless remote through which you can start and stop your inverter generator from around 80 feet.

Another good thing about this inverter generator is that it comes with 3 ignition switch which also includes the battery. Another feature of this igenerator is that you get all the controls of it at one place with the help of Quick Touch Panel. The inverter generator d has a dual USB adapter and has 120V 20A household items along with RV ready with 120 V 30A RV. The inverter generator can support up to 8 hours of run time with a total load of 25%. The 75537i generator has starting 3300 watts with running 2800 running watts.Read Duromax generator reviews

The setup and installation of the 75537i generator are quite simple as it takes only about 30 minutes to set up. The inverter generator operates quietly as compared to the other standby inverter generators that are available. But as soon as the load starts to increase, you may witness an increase in sound as well. But that is normal and nothing to worry about specifically at the price this inverter generator is available for. The inverter does not work on dual fuel as well and you need to fill the gas to work with it. there is no propane in it to make it dual fuel, it only works on gas. The oil needs to be filled at the start in order to keep it up and going once you have connected the battery wires.

The inverter generator has the power to run a fridge, an air conditioner, coffee maker, and a vent fan. So if you are thinking of going on a camping or somewhere you can have the services of the 75537i 3100 Watt generator and you won’t be disappointed at all. However, the inverter generator consumes the fuel a little quicker than other inverters.  Another positive thing about the standby inverter is the customer support that you get from Champion. The company is providing a limited warranty of 3 years along with free lifetime technical support for the inverter.

  • Runs quietly, does not make a lot sound
  • Has quite a few options in it at a low price
  • Wireless start and off remote
  • USB plug
  • Easy setup
  • Super small gas tank
  • No fuel tank level indicator
  • Filling the fuel tank is difficult
Champion 75537i may not be fulfilling your demands that a 7000 watt inverter generator would do. But it definitely makes your life easier. The only problem that does not give it a 5-star ranking is the super small gas tank which has to be filled again and again if a full load is being run. Also, there is no fuel tank indicator thus you have to fill the full fuel tank in order to have an idea about the remaining fuel.

2. Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel Generator with Electric Start

Champion has a wide range of inverter generators and the product lineup just keeps on getting better and better with the time being. It is now time for another Champion Generator Reviews.This time the product of the company is the 3400 Watt Dual Fuel RV ready portable inverter generator. Unlike the above-described inverter generator, this one does not come with aChampion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready remote control to switch the generator on and off. However, it does come with 3 Position ignition switch of the inverter generator. Just like the previous 75537i 3100 Watt generator, this particular model also has a Quick touch Panel so that you can access all the controls from a single place only.

The backup power of the generator has a run time of 7.5 hours with starting watts of 3,400 and run time of 3,100 watts. The inverter provides clean electricity of less than 3% THD to the electronics items with the outlet of 12 DC with a dual USB adapter. Unlike the previously discussed model, this particular generator comes with dual fuel option. It can run on gas as well as on propane.Champion 3400 Watt generator also holds oil of about 0.6 quarts with the company recommending 10W-30 oil to be used.

Champion 3400 Watt generator is almost as quiet as the Honda 2000 generators and works perfectly on both gas and propane. The dual fuel feature gives the inverter generator an edge over others as people get a chance to use it on propane which is cheaper and let them use gas as a backup source for them. The inverter generator is easy to start and the dual fuel helps it to run on the whole day without any issues. Only on a regular propane tank, the standby inverter generator can work up to 8 hours. The gas tank can be kept on standby during all this time.

However, just like the 75537i inverter generator, the fuel gauge is missing in this one as well. In order to check the remaining gas or propane, there is no meter or gauge installed in it. Some of the people have also complained about overloading issues with the inverter when they had been running a single A/c on it only. But apart from this being super quiet and super economical makes the Champion 3400 Watt Inverter Generator a hit amongst the people.

  • Dual Fuel options i.e. can run on gas and propane
  • Ultra quiet operations of the inverter
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Overloading issues can be faced sometime
  • Battery may not charge when the generator is working
Not many inverter generators come with dual fuel options and this particular feature makes it a standout performer amongst all the rest. The idea of using gas as a backup source for the inverter and using propane as the primary source is brilliant as the latter is cheaper. All in all, at the price it is being given, people should be going after this without any doubts.

3. Champion 7500 Watt Dual Fuel Generator with Electric Start

If you ever wanted to own a generator that has more than 7000 Watts in it, than this is the generator that you are looking for. The Champion 7500 Watt Dual Fuel portable generator has 7500 watts and it also comes with an option of both gas and propane as fuel. Champion 7500 Watt Dual FuelThe gas capacity of the inverter is 6.1 gallons. It can run up to 8 hours on a full tank of gas. On propane, the inverter can run up to 5.5 hours. Unlike the other two Champion standby inverter discussed, this particular inverter is very powerful with starting power of 9375 watts on gas and 7500 watts of running.

On propane, the inverter has starting power of 8400 watts and running power of 6750 watts. The inverter also has the capacity to hold oil up to 1.2 quarts with low oil shut-off sensor. While the previous two discussed inverters had three ignition switches this particular product from Champion has electric start to it. The electric start to the inverter has power up to 439 CC with a toggle switch. But one thing that has been said about this particular inverter from Champion is that it is not quite as the other standby inverters.

The setup of the inverter is easy just like the case has been for Champion generators. People have found these to be extremely easy and have done setup by going through the manual only. The dual fuel feature also helps to run the inverter on one type of fuel which usually is propane. People keep gas for backup purposes only. The portable feature of the inverter has to be examined a little as it is quite heavy to move from one place to another. The wheels of the inverter need to be installed at the time of installation.

It has been designed in a way that it is easier to start it during the cold winter season. A low oil shut-off sensor has also been included which means that once the oil level goes down the inverter will only work once oil is refilled with it. A volt guard is also built-in this inverter which helps in any sudden increase or decrease in the voltage. There is also an option of Touch start with an internal charger charging the battery while the generator is operating. Three years Champion warranty and lifetime technical support are also given for this standby inverter.

  • Dual fuel runs on both propane and gas
  • Powerful inverter
  • Touch start
  • Automatic oil-sensor
  • Volt guard
  • Never Flat wheel kit
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Problems of gas not getting into engine
The inverter generator unlike the other two discussed above is quite powerful and has quite a new features in it. This is one reason why it stands out amongst the others. You not only get an inverter but you get a portable one in which you have dual fuel feature along with volt guard and touch start. The runtime of the inverter on gas and propane combined is more than 14 hours. The inclusion of oil sensor gives it an edge over other standby inverters as well. With the price it is being offered, it is definitely a five-star buy for everyone.

4. Champion 3800-Watt Generator with Electric Start

Another champion product of the Champion Company is the 3800-Watt dual fuel RV ready portable generator with electric start. This inverter from the company also runs on dual fuel supporting both propane and gas. The propane hose comes along with the inverter Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuelgenerator with the inverter running on dual fuel when it is installed first. The inverter will produce 4750 watts of gas start and 3800 watts of gas running. Similarly, on propane, the inverter will produce 4275 watts on start and another 3240 watts while running on propane.

The gas tank of the inverter is of 3.9 gallons with a total run time of up to 9 hours on a full gas tank. On propane, the inverter can run up to as long as 10.5 hours on a 20-pound tank. Apart from this, the inverter generator comes with a battery that makes it easy for Touch Start. Another feature of this inverter that is missing in quite a few others is that it has an internal battery charger that continuously charges the battery whenever the standby inverter is running, either on gas or propane. There is also a fuel switch with the inverter that makes it easy to switch between dual fuel i.e. gas and propane.

The inverter comes along with a 30A RV that can run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner. In case of any sort of emergency, the unit also makes backup power that can provide power to essential items like refrigerators, fans, TV, router modem, lights, and others in case of any power outages. The generator also has never-flat tires installed in it which makes it easy to carry around anywhere specifically considering that it is a portable standby inverter. An automatic oil-shut off sensor also features in this product which makes it easier for people to find out if the inverter is running low on oil. The oil recommended is 10W-30 with a total capacity of 0.6qt oil.

The installation process of the Champion 3800Watt portable generator with electric start is quite simple, just like the other inverters of the company. Despite weighing more than 120 pounds, the inverter is relatively quiet while running on both propane and gas. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR), present with the name of Volt Guard, helps to keep the voltage under control. In case of any surge or decline in the power supply, the Volt Guard serves as power stabilizer and helps in stabilizing the voltages that are being provided. The inverter also comes with a 3-year warranty from Champion along with free lifetime technical support for the company.

  • Runs on dual fuel
  • Fuel selector switch is available to switch fuel
  • Never flat tires
  • Available with wheel kit
  • Volt guard for power stabilizing
  • Starting issues faced by people
  • Battery goes down in 3-4 starts
  • Heavyweightinverter
  • No fuel gauge
Unlike many other standby inverters, the 3800-Watt dual fuel RV ready portable generator with electric start provides you with dual fuel option at a very competitive price. It has the capacity to run for long hours on normal load and has an easy installation process as well. The Volt Guard helps to keep the voltage in check in case there is any problem with the surge in voltage so that the electronic appliances are not damaged. The problem that people are finding is that there is no fuel gauge available in the inverter which makes it difficult to determine how much fuel is remaining, thus they have to fill gas or propane to full every time. All in all, a very decent price keeping the features and prices in mind.